Carbon Tax

A threat or an opportunity? An asset or a liability?

Ready your organization, together with Low E Co and International Carbon, South Africa’s leading carbon development, advisory, and trading entity, to take advantage of carbon opportunities.

We have the expertise to assist you in the areas of Climate Change strategy: Project and Community Development, Carbon monetization, measurement, and verification of the projects.

Our Expertise

Carbon Tax

The carbon tax was introduced on 01 June 2019 at a marginal rate of R120 per tonne of CO2-e (carbon dioxide equivalent). Low E Co helps companies manage their potential Carbon Tax through an integrated strategy, from considering carbon offset mechanisms, and internal emission abatement projects, to other allowances and trading.

Turn your Carbon Tax threat into an environmental, social, and commercial opportunity.

Energy Efficient Line Drawing

Our Expertise

Carbon Trading

Carbon trading is a mechanism to reduce global carbon emissions. Reducing these emissions via buying or selling credits is called trading. Low E Co has delivered the country’s first program of activities (PoA) under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the UNFCCC.

Turn carbon threats into opportunities and realise cost savings.

Our Expertise

Carbon Project Development

Low E Co’s carbon project development track record is embedded in our technical, commercial, and financial know-how. This enables us to guide clients from the project’s inception stage to feasibility assessments, verification processes, and through to the issuance of carbon credits.

Turn carbon threats into opportunities and realize cost savings.

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