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LOW E Co =
Zero Capex, Lower Energy, and Water Costs

Energy efficiency solutions for your commercial, industrial and business sites, including the design, modelling, installation, and measurement of:

Photovoltaic (PV) Electricity Generation

Water Heating

Energy Efficient Lighting


Low E Co is a South African-based Level 1-BEE company with a proven track record in providing integrated and managed energy solutions with our strategic partners.

We are:

  • Technology agnostic: We source, vet, and install the best products.
  • Finance experts: Solutions are structured around a shared savings model. This can include Low E Co assuming the risk for a project, financing it from the outset, and maintaining the system continuously.
  • Your carbon offset partner: Low E Co works with experts who develop projects with measurable and verified carbon credits, offering positive environmental and socio-economic impacts.













Energy Savings. No Capex.

Low E Co can help make your commercial or residential environment more energy efficient. The company will fund the upfront capital requirements to provide an off-balance sheet solution with energy efficiency savings amortized over the life of the solution to save you money from the start.

Our Services

In the face of rising energy costs, Low E Co offers turnkey alternative energy source solutions, providing an increasingly affordable and reliable power supply; with added beneficial environmental and socio-economic impacts.


Photovoltaic (PV) Electricity Generation

South Africa’s rising electricity costs have prompted companies and consumers to relook how they purchase electricity. Low E Co provides measurable and predictable energy generation solutions that offer lower costs than Eskom’s electricity. Services include design, modeling, installation, and measurement.

You only pay for electricity; Low E Co covers the upfront capital costs.

Low Eco Solar Energy Plant
Low Eco Energy Efficient Lighting


Water Heating

Low E Co provides state-of-the-art solutions to maximise energy savings on water heating and ensure potential water loss is effectively controlled. With a heat pump using energy from the surrounding air to heat water and a solar water heater relying on the sun for power, there
needs to be more debate on these options, or a hybrid system, make energy-smart investments.

Low E Co will assess your needs and present a solution that maximises your savings over the long term.


Energy Efficient Lighting

Low E Co energy efficient lighting solutions realize up to 75% cost savings on your current monthly lighting bill. This is through retrofitting existing infrastructure and creating bespoke solutions from initial concept and design to installation.

You only pay for the energy savings you realize; Low E Co covers the upfront capital costs.

Low Eco Energy Efficient Lighting



Low E Co has a joint venture between International Carbon (IC), South Africa’s leading carbon development, advisory, and trading entity. Through this partnership, bespoke financial and technical solutions help you to adopt low-carbon technologies and transition to a greener future.

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