In the face of rising energy costs, Low E Co offers turnkey alternative energy source solutions, providing an increasingly affordable and reliable power supply; with the added beneficial environmental and socio-economic impacts.

Our Expertise

Photovoltaic (PV) Electricity Generation

South Africa’s rising electricity costs have prompted companies and consumers to relook how they purchase electricity. Low E Co provides measurable and predictable energy generation solutions that offer lower costs compared to electricity from Eskom. Services include design, modelling, installation and measurement.

Low E Co performs an energy audit, providing full design and shading reports to ascertain which system will best suit your energy requirements with no wastage. We provide engineering sign-off and services related to connecting you to the grid. All these costs, unless otherwise specified, are contained in our quote per kilowatt hour (kWh).

You only pay for the electricity you consume; Low E Co covers the upfront capital costs.

Our Expertise

Energy Efficient Lighting

Low E Co energy efficient lighting solutions realise up to 75% cost savings on your current monthly lighting bill. This is through retrofitting existing infrastructure and creating bespoke solutions from initial concept and design through to installation.

LED light bulbs use 25%-30% of the energy and last 8 to 25 times longer than traditional halogen incandescents. Low E Co will audit your existing lighting, retrofit as required or develop custom solutions to boost efficiencies as much as possible. Controls like timers, photocells and dimmers can also realise significant cost savings.

You only pay for the energy savings you realise; Low E Co covers the upfront capital costs.

Energy Efficient Line Drawing

Our Expertise

Water Heating

Total electricity costs can be reduced by 40% or more when existing electrical geysers and boilers are replaced with energy efficient heat pumps and solar water heaters.

With a heat pump using energy from the surrounding air to heat water, and a solar water heater relying on the sun for power, there is little debate that these options, or a hybrid system, make energy-smart investments. Low E Co will assess your needs and present a solution that maximises your savings over the long-term.

Low E Co will audit your apparent, real and non-revenue water losses, and employ an approach aimed at reducing leakage, pressure management or metering, depending on what is necessary. With a conservative estimate of 33% of total water supplied being lost, these interventions can lead to significant annual savings.

You only pay for the hot water you consume; Low E Co covers the upfront capital costs.